First Goal Met, First WW Charm!!!

Today was my first follow-up weigh-in at Weight Watchers after my first weigh-in last Saturday. I stayed on the plan, following their Freestyle program. Their new program has over 200 food items on their 0 point list. I was able to incorporate my favorite snacks, just portioning them out so their point value was more worth it, like chocolate chips in a medicine container:


I did meal prepping with a combination of 0 point foods and other protein-filled snacks for work:


On NYE, I bought Halo Top ice cream and we loved it….and later in the week I tried another flavor and fell in love with it (my new go-to)!!!

Yesterday was the hardest as I was feeling a bit more cravings and a bit more like overeating on things like chips/salsa and chocolate,…so I had chips/salsa and chocolate. I just portioned them out first and allowed myself a bit of my weekly extra points.

I avoided a binge, and weighed in this morning. I’m sure there was a bit of water retention with the chips/salsa I had not long before bedtime, but I still managed to be down over 5 pounds and got my first charm!


This is my second time with WW, with the first time being back in 2010 when I lost 126 pounds in 15 months. So, I know firsthand that I can and will be successful with the program!

With Weight Watchers, I have the nutrition help that I need.

I found my support group, my Tribe, in the FFTFL Group. They are more than incredible. I will talk all about them in another blog! They are that special to me 😀 ❤


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